No means no!

Traduction de "Non c'est non!" en Anglais

A rape, it is a sexual relation without consent, with or without penetration, dictate by your boy/girl friend, by one of your friend, by an unknown person or a member of your family, with or without physical violence. A rape isn't necessarily commited by a disordered people who chase us with a weapon in a dark street.

Most of 7O% of the rapes are commited in well-known places, by someone that we know.

Rape has nothing to do with love. Rape isn't a natural impulse which is irrepressible. Rape is an authoritative holding of power. Rape is a moment when someone doesn't ear when we say NO.

I've got a boy/girlfriend,
Means no

Maybe later,
Means no

Fuck off!
Means no

No, thanks,
Means no

I really like you but,
Means no

Not now,
Means no

I'm not sure,
Means no

I/You've been drinking too much,
Means no

I have my period,
Means no

Let's just sleep
Means no

Leave-me alone
Means no

I'm not interested
I wanna leave
I've got a headache
Don't touch me
I'm tired

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